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WDEL Hair Jewelry Interview

Living History Programs 

Dear Thomas,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful presentation. It was a real treat to see all the beautiful dresses that night. Also, your interpretation of the Victorian time period was both educational and entertaining. We received nothing but glowing reviews about the program. Even the staff members that were in attendance that night commented on how this was the most successful program we have produced at the Delaware History Museum in quite some time.

I hope in the future we can collaborate on other programs with you. I know they will be just as big as the last one! Thank you again for everything and I look forward to working with you in the future.
Kathyne Peterson

Dear Roxanne,
I just wanted to tell you how much our members enjoyed the program you and Karen presented to us on February 1 at the Woodbury Country Club. You were both just delightful and well organized, and the clothing you demonstrated was exquisite.
I would highly recommend your program to others. Thank you for the time and preparation it required.
In Federation love,

Adelaide S. Hetrick, 1st Vice President
The Woman's Club of Woodbury

Grand oak Plantation:
On behalf of the Salem County Commission on Women I offer my heartfelt thanks to you and your team for providing such a wonderful presentation at Salem Co. Historical Society - people are still talking. In fact, Commission members have suggested we book you for next year's luncheon as the "speaker" program.
Thanks again & good luck on all your endeavors.

Sally Larabee
Salem County Road Rally Chair
Salem County, New Jersey

It is a true delight when Mr. Thomas Tear and his ensemble from the Grand Oak Plantation bring their programs to our Buena Vista Mansion for our Open House Tours. Their living history programs are always informative and entertaining, and having the ensemble in beautiful period clothing brings history alive in a memorable way each time they perform at Buena Vista.

Pamela Swain
Supervisor, Buena Vista
Bear, Delaware
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Memoirs of a Confederate Gentleman 

This book was obviously written by a man passionate about telling stories. From the beginning, it captures your imagination and keeps you engaged, entertained, intrigued and enchanted right through to end. The author uses incredible detail in such a way that you can actually see in your mind what is being described in writing on the page. There were times when I had read 30 pages or more without even realizing it because I had become so engrossed in the story. I felt as if I were alongside of Charles living his adventures with him. This is quite a feat for a first time author.

John W. - Newark, DE.

First-time author, Thomas Tear, packs you for a journey of adventure, intrigue, turbulence and romance in this piece of historical fiction that is sure to thrill and delight. Well written with an engaging story line and a cast of characters equal to Margaret Mitchell's classic, Tear proves his mettle as a writer with flawless historical research sewn beautifully into a story of people who struggle and survive the angst and challenges of a nation split by the Civil War.

Having discovered the journals and letters of Major Charles Everson McGuire in the false bottom of a trunk procured at an auction, Tear embroiders and weaves together those words that have been silent so many years into "Memoirs of a Confederate Gentleman." As you join him on the plantation, the battlefield, the dusty roads, the prison and back home to the women who negotiated the Yankees on their own terms, you will know this is historical, but you will doubt any of it is fiction.
Settle in with this outstanding tale, and be ready to ride.

C. J. - Wilmington, DE.

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, finished your book today and I have to tell you, buddy, I LOVED IT!!!! If my interest isn't grabbed in the first 25-50 pages of a book, I won't finish it. Your book was hard to put down. I had to pace myself. The writing is outstanding; I was able to picture everything as if I was standing in the background watching this story unfold. Great piece of work!

Bob I. - San Diego, CA.

Dear Thomas,
Yesterday I finished your book and my only question is, “when will you write the next one?” It was very enjoyable and informative. I really had a hard time putting it down. I felt I was right there at Grand Oak with Josephine and how interesting that Charles was imprisoned at Fort Delaware. I am very proud to be called a friend of the author congratulations Thomas.

Joyce W. - New Castle, DE.

I just finished "Memoirs of a Confederate Gentleman". I read the book in less than 2 days and must say, I could not put it down once I started reading. I was intrigued first by Thomas' explanation of how he came to write this book. The story captivated me and I felt as if I were right there with Charles, Josephine, and the rest of the family. I could close my eyes and picture the events as they unfolded. I hope there will be a sequel to this novel, as I am sure there is much left untold. The story has filled me with aspirations of traveling to Charleston so I can see where it all happened. Thank you Thomas for writing this book! I loved it and will most certainly read it a second time and will recommend it to my friends.

Margaret P. - Newark, DE.

Dear Thomas,
Thank you for the signed copy of your book, Memoirs of a Confederate Gentleman. I liked it! Last night, I finished reading it—over parts of three days – and had a hard time putting it down, The similarities to Gone With the Wind are obvious, but had to be if one were writing about that period of time. But, I was soon caught up in the perils and adventures – you left Margaret Mitchell’s perils way behind – and did it in half (or less) the pages in Gone With the Wind! I especially like Hardy Stewart, the young bugler, in the war scenes. Gone With the Wind did not give us any view of Ashley Wilkes’ experience as a prisoner of war. Perhaps that’s why Ashley never seemed (to me) to be a real person – seemingly emotionless. Anyhow I’m still a Gone With the Wind fan but your book compares very favorably. I wish someone would make a movie of your book!
Thanks again for the book – I certainly enjoyed it.

Richard H. J. Charleston, SC.           TOP OF PAGE

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