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Living History Programs

Is your school, church, historic society, women’s club, book club or other organization looking for programs that are entertaining, original and educational? Why not consider one of our visually appealing, meticulously researched and informative programs?

Most of our programs last approximately one hour; some are performed in character wearing period attire. All programs conclude with a 15 minute question & answer session. Any program or combination of programs can be customized to suit the interests of your group.

Available programs:

Close to the Vest & Under the Skirt

Presented by Karen Jessee & Thomas Tear. The program begins with Thomas portraying a Mid-Victorian Gentleman getting dressed for his day. Once he is dressed he assists Karen as she prepares for her day. Karen, chastely attired in her Victorian underpinnings, takes the audience through the maze of clothing that was worn under the skirt of the lady of fashion in 1864.

  Victorian era fashion

Cameo Appearances

Presented by Thomas Tear. This program addresses a few of the popular myths of the Victorian era and discusses how popular jewelry was made and worn. The program features a power point presentation of a fascinating selection of mourning jewelry, hair work jewelry and cameos. The program also looks at the changing idea of female beauty as realized by the art of the cameo. In addition we can offer a limited display of museum quality Victorian hair work jewelry, mourning jewelry and cameos. The program concludes with a cameo identification clinic where guests are encouraged to bring their own cameos to share.

By the Book: Writing Historic Fiction

Presented by Thomas Tear. This is a great program for book clubs or aspiring writers. The program discusses the influences and inspirations that motivated Thomas to write, Memoirs of a Confederate Gentleman. The program includes a power point program which features a selection of photographs, both modern and historic, of some of the most beautiful historic sites in South Carolina. Thomas discusses his research methods as well as the process of integrating actual people, living & dead, factual events and places and other inspirations into historic fiction.

A Visit With a Confederate Gentleman

This program is presented by Thomas Tear dressed in period clothing. Thomas does a first person impression of the protagonist of Memoirs of a Confederate Gentleman, Maj. Charles Everson McGuire. A Visit With a Confederate Gentleman gives a uniquely Southern view of life in the antebellum South. Charles talks about his life as a boy growing up on a South Carolina cotton plantation. He discusses his social and political values and the reasons for his eventual involvement in the War Between the States and its aftermath.

Civil War Fashion Show

An overview of Victorian clothing and foundations from day dresses to ball gowns, displayed on live models with commentary by our staff.

Historic Clothing Displays

We also have available for your convenience displays of historic reproduction anti-bellum clothing from day clothes to evening wear. We can also offer commentary and insights to how the clothing was made and worn.

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