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Civil War Era Clothing

The following photos are examples of period clothing from 1850 to 1880. For your enjoyment and education and to allow comparison, we have included both modern and historic photographs.

Egg plant Damask ball gown

14 yards of eggplant damask with a black rose pattern. The skirt is an over skirt which may be pulled up to show the flounced skirt below.The bodice is accented with 10 hand-made black silk, ribbon roses, and 16 hand beaded black jet leaves. Dress is two pieces and laces up the back with 32 hand-sewn eyelets.

Grand Oak Plantation

Striped yellow ball gown

Ball gown made from 8 & 1/2 yards of yellow, rust, and green silk. The sleeves feature a flounce of Antique lace. The dress is in two pieces and fastens in the back with 32 hand sewn eyelets.

Grand Oak Plantation

Purple silk gown shown with ball gown top. Top fastens down the back with 32 hand sewn eyelets. the bodice is trimmed with hand made silk ribbon roses and hand beaded black jet leaves.

Grand Oak Plantation

Homespun day dress

Homespun dress copied from a pattern by Godey's c. 1864. One piece dress fastens in the front with hook and eyes. Bodice features a military inspired design of appliqued ribbon and castellated pagoda sleeves

Grand Oak Plantation

purple silk dress with day top.

Fantastic grown with two tops.This dress is made form 8 yards of of purple silk and trimmed with 20 yards of black velvet ribbon. The skirt fastens in the back with a hook and eye and the bodice attaches at the waist and fastens down the front with hook and eyes. Dress is from a pattern by Peterson's c.1860

Grand Oak Plantation

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