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Memoirs of a Confederate Gentleman

A 2012 Delaware Press Association Award Winner

"Memoirs of a Confederate Gentleman" is a work of historic fiction by Thomas Tear. The story traces the lives of three family members, Charles Everson McGuire, his aunt, Euphemia Mackinnon Everson Scott, and his wife, Josephine Abigail St. John, through the years leading up to and immediately following the American Civil War.


When Thomas received two news clippings from his favorite aunt, he never could have anticipated the historical odyssey that the obituary and the story about the sale of an antebellum plantation in Charleston, South Carolina, would take him on. Intrigued by all things Civil War, he travels to South Carolina to the estate sale and purchases a trunk in which he finds the diaries of Major Charles McGuire.
The diaries inspire him to write Memoirs of a Confederate Gentleman...

Charles Everson McGuire was born into a world of peace and plenty. Life for him and those he loved would promise only more of the same. Upon his eighteenth birthday, he is sent to England for his education and to learn the family textile manufacturing business. As the years pass and war becomes inevitable, the drums and bugles call from across the Atlantic. Charles realizes that he must go home and confront the issues of statesí rights, slavery, and family obligations head on.

Upon his return, Charles marries the beautiful and spirited Josephine St. John. He promises his new bride he will not join the conflict between the states, but that promise is soon broken when the Confederacy convinces him that his help and resources are critical for victory. But victory is not to be for the South. The horror of war and the devastation of the majorís homeland and his way of life lead him to question his faith and all that he has been taught. Charles finds that he must pick up the pieces of his shattered life and build a new existence for him and those who depend on him. But will he be able to start a fresh life in the new union?


The Major, Josephine and 
Aunt Effie
The Major, Josephine and Aunt Effie

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Memoirs of a Confederate Gentleman

Is now available from this web site here
Or directly from Tate publishing here

Look for the national release of "Memoirs" on May 27, 2011


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Coming soon:

Camellias Have no Memory

The story of the McGuire's and the St. Johns continues with, Camellias Have no Memory.

When his mother dies in child birth and his father loses everything, young Eugene St. John is sold into servitude. He is purchased by a malicious and greedy businessman in the saloon district in Natchez. When he has outlived his usefulness Eugene is sold again, this time into service on a trade ship. On board ship Eugene finds his true passion, life at sea. He fights for, and wins, the respect of the captain and crew. The captain agrees to release Eugene from servitude and set him ashore anywhere in the world he chooses.

After settling into London, Eugene catches the eye of the beguiling Theresa Cadbury. Through a fortunate series of events, he acquires a fleet of ships of his own. He and Theresa set out to sail the world. When Theresa finds herself with child and no longer able to sail, she sets up a shop in Charleston South Carolina where their daughter Josephine is born. Josephine inherits her mother's beauty and her father's taste for adventure. She learns what a lady must know from her mother, but like her father her heart is enamored with the unique and exotic. As Josephine grows to maturity aboard her father's ship the world is her playground but, with war in America on the horizon, where will life and love take her?

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