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About the Author:   Thomas Tear

Thomas Tear is an award winning author and popular guest speaker who resides in New Castle, Delaware. His work has been honored by The Delaware Press Association and The National Association of Press Women.

Thomas has bought his carefully researched impressions to life for appreciative audiences at Fort Delaware, A Day in Old New Castle, Penny Packer Mills Civil War Days and The Academy of Lifelong Learning as well as many, many others.

In addition to writing Thomas collects and lectures on Victorian Jewelry, specializing in Victorian hair work jewelry and cameos. He has been involved with the living history community for over ten years.

A Message From the Author

My love of history was handed down to me by my paternal Grandparents.

My Grandfather loved to tell stories about his Scottish ancestors and to quote Mark Twain. Grandmother would entertain us with tales told to her by her uncle, John Dean, who had fought in the Civil War. Both of my grandparents had a treasure chest of historical letters, photos, and documents. I am fortunate to have inherited a number of these including my great grandmother's bible from the 1800's.

My involvement with living history came about by chance. A good friend who was involved with the reenactment community encouraged me to attend an event in Maryland. I went and I was hooked.

  Thomas Tear
Thomas Tear, author

The inspiration that would lead to the concept for the book came to me one afternoon in March. We were to attend a Civil War reenactment ball in April in Annapolis, but the ball was canceled. We decided to have a dress up dinner at a historic restaurant with our friends instead; this would give the ladies the chance to show off their new gowns. Since Karenís birthday was one week later, the dinner became an impromptu party for her. Everyone's "present" to Karen was to create a "persona" who had lived during the war and tell a short story about who they had been.

Karen created the persona of Josephine, Roxanna created Aunt Effie, and I became Maj. Charles McGuire. It was from the characters created for this evening's entertainment that the concept for the book grew.

As the book began to take shape in my mind, I found inspiration in Charleston, South Carolina, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and many other historic sites from north to south. In addition I drew from a wealth of family stories and events. I have changed names and embellished details for the sake of making the story more interesting.

I hope you enjoy, Memoirs of a Confederate Gentleman. Look for more stories of the McGuires and the St Johns in, Camellias have no Memory,coming in 2015.

Thomas William Tear

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